Man Threatens To Blow Up The Del Lago Casino

Waterloo, N.Y. - About 4pm Friday August 10th, Seneca Co. Sheriff’s Office responded to The del Lago Casino,for the reported bomb threat. 

Deputies quickly identified the subject in question and detained him pending an investigation. After which they  arrested 53 year old Ronald W. Sibs, of 51 Sheppard St., Rochester, New York, for Disorderly Conduct (Violation) and Falsely Reporting an Incident 2nd degree(class E Felony).

Sibs is accused of using obscene language and threatening to detonate a bomb while on the phone outside del Lago. The conversation was overheard by a witness who called 911 initiating a police response  fire and EMS response. It was determined that this bomb threat was false and there was no threat to the public. Sibs is being held without bail due to prior felony convictions. 


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