Sherrill Manufacturing - Liberty Tabletop Impresses President

Sherrill, N.Y.  - Sherrill Manufacturing Liberty Tabletop were guests at the White House yesterday for President Trumps "Made In America" event. 

 Greg Owens CEO and co owner of Liberty Tabletop said that President Trump told his White House staff yesterday that he wants Liberty Tabletop flatware in the White House and he wants it now.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was there as well and says Owens and Matt Roberts the other co-owner were perfect examples of what needs to be done to bring this country forward and bring the economy back. 

There were companies from each of the 50 states at the event yesterday representing what is Made In America.  

Owens says that American manufacturing is a valuable asset to the country not just from employment standpoint but also a National Security standpoint.

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