Syracuse Student Involved In Another Altercation At Nottingham High School

On Tuesday May 22nd,at about 9:30 AM, at Nottingham High School, a school teacher had requested that an administrator respond to the gymnasium to assist in handling a disruptive student, 16 year old Jabari Boykins.   

Boykins was reportedly wearing headphones and singing in a loud voice, disrupting others. When the administrative intern asked the him to leave the gym, he became verbally aggressive with her. 

As they left the gym, other teachers and school employees witnessed Boykins' actions towards her, and expressed concerns for her safety. The administrative intern stated that the aggressive behavior continued while they were in the hallway, and that the he was clenching his fists, waving his arms around and threatening her. She said that she believed that he was about to attack and injure her, and she was fearful for her safety. 

It was also reported that Boykins appeared to be smoking marijuana in the hallway while he was leaving the school. He left the school with a family member prior to investigators arriving. 

Investigators gathered enough evidence to enable them to apply to the Courts for a warrant for Menacing in the 3rd degree. 

Today Jabari Boykins, turned himself in to Detectives in the SPD Warrant Squad. 

 Boykins was arrested for Menacing in the 3rd degree and arraigned on the active warrant.  

Boykins was a part of a lawsuit against Officer Vallon Smith back in February, where Smith was accused of using excessive force but was cleared. However, Officer Smith was released by the school district as their resource officer.

The Court released Boykins, where he is scheduled to reappear at a future date to be determined by the Court. 

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