Milestone At The New York State Fairgrounds

A milestone of sorts happening at the New York State fairgrounds today, as the final piece of structural steel is being installed in the new Exposition Center. 

The 136,000 square foot center opens during the 2018 State Fair. The Expo Center will hold everything from Trade and  RV shows, to sports events and tech expos. There will be a Taste of NY Fall Festival and an indoor equestrian event in October. In November already scheduled is a drone racing competition. 

During the Fair the expo center will highlight NY's bounty of outdoor activity with the addition of a temporary ice rink in the center.  When the center is not in use the rink will be open to the public with skates available as well, all for  free.

The I LOVE NEW YORK exhibit that debut in the Center of Progress Building last year will move to the Expo Center this year. 

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