Syracuse PBA Suggests No Police In Schools

The Syracuse Police Benevolent Association is responding to  that decision to  remove Police Officer Smith from his position as resource officer.The Syracuse City School District announced it was removing a Syracuse Police Officer from his position as School Resource Officer after an incident at Nottingham High School last year.

The school district is stating that “After careful consideration Officer Vallon Smith has been reassigned and is no longer working as a School Resource Officer in the Syracuse City School District. While the District Attorney has determined that Officer Smith did not use excessive force, we must take into consideration our school community and the distraction to the learning environment this situation has caused.” 

Now the Syracuse Police Benevolent Association is suggesting that Syracuse school officials remove all police officers from all Syracuse schools. PBA spokesman Jeff Piedmonte said, that if the officers are not going to be supported by the school administration then they don't need to have officers in the schools. 

Piedmonte said Officer Smith was investigated and nothing he did was wrong. Piedmonte also said that the Police Department is over 90 officers below their staffing numbers so if officers were removed form the schools they could work for the community.

Pidiedmonte said "It is unfair to ask officers to work in schools and when they do their jobs properly, according to the law, remove them. If Smith can can be improperly removed while evidence is on his side the PBA feels all officers are in jeopardy."

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