Juanita Perez Williams For Congress?

Syracuse, N.Y. - It appears Juanita Perez-Williams is kicking the tires on a run for Congress.

The Democrat ran and lost the bid to be the next Mayor of Syracuse in November to Independent Ben Walsh. Afterwords she said that she wasn't planning to run for Congress against John Katko.

It appears that she has changed her mind and is informing Democrat Party Bosses and Committee Members that she is mounting a campaign.  Democrat Committees in all of the 24th Congressional District's counties have already endorsed SU Professor and Activist Dana Balter to be their candidate. Perez-Williams would need to run a primary if Balter doesn't drop out of the race.

There is no word from Perez-Williams about when she plans to publicly announce her campaign. 

Perez-Williams is no stranger to being the underdog in a primary. She defeated Democrat Stalwart Joe Nicoletti in a Democrat primary when he was the designated candidate.

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