Two Arrested With Unstamped Cigarettes

On Saturday Rome Police stopped a suspicious vehicle, after receiving complaints about it lurking around. 

Inside the car they found 24 year old Marissa Moriano, who had a suspended license along with her passenger 25 year old Cindy Dozois. They also found 10,800 unstamped cigarettes. with a street value of  85 hundred dollars. The police were also able to find another 17,600 unstamped cigarettes at the residence of the driver. The cigarettes were purchased  in Basom, New York, and then transported to Rome. The total street value of the cigarettes was estimated to be $8,500

Both were charge with NYS Tax Law 1814-c, possession of Untaxed Tobacco Products and Moriano was charged with a operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. 

Both were released.

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