Gov. Cuomo Bails Out Reporter Arrested In Albany


'tis a silly place.

New York Daily News Columnist Ken Lovett was 'bailed out' of 'jail' by Governor Cuomo, Monday afternoon. Lovett frequently lambastes Governor Cuomo.

Lovett, according to bureau reporters, was arrested after he got into a verbal dispute with Troopers at the State Capitol for using his cell phone in the lobby of the State Senate.

That, apparently, isn't allowed. 

The situation was eventually resolved after Gov. Cuomo stepped in to help. In doing so, he got cussed out. 

You shouldn't need additional warning but, there is a lady that swears a lot:

Folks took to Twitter with the hashtag #FreeKenLovett to voice their support for the First Amendment, and Freedom of the Press, among other things:

After being sprung, it was back to work for Lovett.

He had some reporting to do about State Police.

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