Fulton Woman Likely Drunkenly Defaced Parkland Memorial

Parkland, Fla. - It appears that a Fulton woman and her friend were drunk when they decided to steal items from the Memorial outside the Parkland Florida High School where 17-people were killed on Valentines Day.

Court Documents indicate that Kara O'Neil along with a Hollywood Florida man were busted over the weekend with a half empty bottle of Vodka and a trunk full of teddy bears, plaques, pin wheels and other cherished items of remembrance stolen from the memorial at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

Police report the pair reeked of booze, were slurring their speech, and were acting belligerent, when they tried to explain to police that they were trying to bring the stolen items to the school memorial.  

Then they changed their story. They told police later they were taking them from the school to make a new memorial someplace else. 

They're both charged with felony disfiguring a tomb or monument.

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