Van Duyn Mistreats Residents In Life And In Death

Syracuse, N.Y. - It appears that residents of Van Duyn are being treated poorly in both life and death.

The Funeral director at Keegan-Osbelt-Knight, Patty Knight-Scholl, has written a letter to Funeral Directors around Central New York. She warns them that earlier this month she went to pick up a body from Van Duyn's morgue, and the body was partially decomposed.

In the letter she called the state of the body 'horrendous.'  Van Dyun says in statement they are taking the complaint seriously. 

Scholl says that a malfunctioning cooler in the morgue was to blame for not keeping the body cold enough. She has filed a complaint with the State Health Department. 

The embattled nursing home recently fired it's administrator after being inundated with Health Department complaints over the last several years.

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