COR Development Execs' Lawyers Pound On Howe

New York - Closing Arguments are continuing today in the trial of Governor Cuomo's Right-Hand-Man and a pair of development execs from Syracuse.

In closing arguments, Tuesday, the defense attorney's for COR Development Executives Steven Aiello and Joseph Girardi pounded on the shaky credibility of the Prosecutions Star Witness; disgraced lobbyist Todd Howe.  Howe was arrested during the trial after he admitted during cross-examination to attempted credit-card fraud. Attorneys called Howe a constant con man who played Federal Prosecutors as he had played everyone else around him for years. 

Federal Prosecutors accuse Aiello and Girardi of paying a bribe to Percoco, through Howe, for Percoco's influence in State Government. The prosecution urged jurors to focus on what it deems as incriminating emails involving Joe Percoco.

Percoco and another co-defendant's attorney are expected to give closing arguments Wednesday.

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