Hudson Valley Man Chops Up AR-15

Scotchtown, N.Y. - A video of an Orange County man destroying his AR-15 rifle is going viral.  

Scott Pappalardo posted a video to his Facebook page that has gotten more than 12 million views.

Pappalardo says he bought his gun 30 years ago and is a licensed gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment.  He admits that he's never used the gun for hunting, but has only used it for target practice.

Pappalardo says seeing the faces of those killed in last week's mass shooting at a high school in Florida, Pappalardo decided he had had enough and decided to destroy the weapon so it could never be used to take someone's life.  

The video ends with him using a buzzsaw to destroy his weapon.

It's worth noting, Scott commented later on that he had cut through the receiver of the rifle.

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