Garret Monds Indicted For Recording Women In Bathrooms

Garrett Monds

Syracuse, N.Y. - A Liverpool man is being being indicted by a grand jury for persistent  predatory sexual behavior.

Garret Monds is accused of, four times in the last eight months, recording and taking pictures of women while they were in the bathroom.  

Syracuse Police say that in January they arrested Monds after he was caught red handed coming out of a women's bathroom at SU. Monds had no connection to Syracuse University. According to City Court documents just a few weeks before that, he was caught recording women in a second floor bathroom of the Canyon Area of Destiny USA. 

Additionally, Onondaga County Deputes say Monds was arrested last May for recording women in a bathroom on the OCC campus, where he was a former student -- and then in September for recording women in a bathroom at the Rite Aide warehouse on John Glenn Boulevard where he worked. 

He was indicted for felony unlawful surveillance and is still being held at the Justice Center.

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