Could New Legislators, Mean More Legislative Scrutiny?

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onondaga County Legislators are poised to push back a bit more against some of the status quo of the Legislature. 

At issue was the County Executives administration's desire to act on an option to buy property it is currently leasing for a library downtown. The administration argued that they could save money just by buying the property and could make money by renting out unused space.

However, many legislators said they needed more time to review the purchase option. Although the space is projected to cost more to rent than to buy, according to numbers presented to the Ways and Means committee last week, the landlord is currently paying costs that most of the legislators had questions about.

New Republican Legislator Jim Rowley says he hopes the new eyes of the legislators will keep a better watch on the County's purse strings: 

The County Executive has a history of trying to get things done at the last minute. I don't know if it was intentional or not but in this case it was brought it at the 11th hour and a number of us including myself want to make sure that things are done according to our process and want to have more scrutiny going forward.

Longtime Republican Legislator Casey Jordan says he welcomes more discussion on matters that involve spending taxpayer dollars: 

I think the best process is where there is lively debate and people speak their viewpoints and take into consideration other people's opinions. While it may be a more painful process than just rubber stamping whatever is proposed, in the end I think it is a better process, you come out with a better product, and better serve your constituents. 

The legislature must approve property purchases. They voted to table a decision on the $2.35 million until next month. 

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