Sen.Defrancisco Speaks Out About I Love N.Y. Signs

Sen John DeFrancisco, who announced last week he's running for Govenor, has something to say about the I Love New York road signs.

Sen DeFrancisco has called on the Empire State Development to immediately reimburse the DOT, Thruway Authority and the NY NJ Port Authority,  for using their funds to install the signs.  Defrancisco says if they can't then Gov Andrew Cuomo's campaign should. 

DeFrancisco is also calling for legislative hearings into the use of those funds and the fact that federal and state laws were ignored by Cuomo's administration. 

Last week the Federal Government threatened to withhold 14 million dollars in federal highway funds because of the signs. The Feds says NY violated a 2013 law by putting up some 514 blue I Love NY  signs all across the state. 

The DOT responded at first saying they believed the signs to be safe and provide useful information to drivers. They then announced that they will be taking down the signs, saying they had fulfilled their purpose.


I Love NY

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