St. Joe's Touts Heart Health Benefit of Dogs

St. Joseph's Health says a dog is a heart patient's best friend.

According to Dr. Russell Silverman, Medical Director of St. Joe's Physicians Cardiology Services, there's strong evidence that dogs can:

  • Aid in lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels
  • A lower risk of cardiovascular disease and "all-cause mortality"
  • As much as a 33% lower risk of death and 11% lower chances of a heart attack
  • Higher survival rate following a heart attack
  • Higher level of physical activity and lower body rate
  • Lower level of stress
  • Improved socialization and emotional well-being
  • Stronger immune systems and longer lifespan

And since February is National Heart Month, St. Joe's wants the community to take advantage of these heart-friendly benefits provided by dogs.  All this month, St. Joe's will pay the adoption fee for any dog adopted at the CNYSPCA and at Humane CNY.

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