Kaitlyn Conley Sentenced In Mary Yoder's Death

Utica, N.Y. - The woman accused of poisoning he boss and former lover's mother in a deranged revenge plot has been sentenced.

Kaitlyn Conley will spend the next 23 years behind bars followed by five years probation.

After two juries couldn't convict Conley for murder in the death of Mary Yoder a judge allowed them to consider manslaughter charges. She was found guilty of manslaughter in November.

Prosecutors argued that Conley poisoned Yoder in 2015 with a deadly dose of gout medicine in an effort to get back together with her ex-boyfriend Adam, Yoder's son.  The defense argued that both Adam and his father, Yoder's husband, could have poisoned her.

Listen to Yoder's family discuss the crushing loss of from Sentencing: 

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