Racial Dispute or Argument Between a Landlord and Tenant?

Owasco, N.Y. - An acquaintance of the landlord of a Nottingham High School Basketball coach was arrested after tensions boiled over Sunday night in Owasco.

50-year-old Eric Simmons is changed with felony criminal possession of a weapon and other misdemeanors. Cayuga County Deputies say he and a 14-year-old showed up at the residence at 10:50 p.m. with a tractor, a shotgun, and several a large signs which read 'Get Out.'  Police say that the shotgun was fired during the incident. In a Facebook post, Nottingham High School Junior Varsity Girl's Head Basketball, Coach Jeffery Richradson says the 14-year-old pointed the loaded shotgun at him while he was standing at the front door and then turned the the gun and shot it up the street.  

The pair returned in the early morning and were arrested by Police after a brief pursuit.

Coach Richardson, who is African-American, says that the incident was racially motivated. Investigators say that at this time it appears to be a tenant/landlord dispute but say they will leave no stone un-turned in discovering a motive.

Coach Richardon's Facebook Post:

Cayuga County Deputies Posted their news release on their Facebook Page:

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