Man Impersonating Meter Reader Inappropriately Touches Syracuse Woman

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Police are concerned that there may be more victims out there of a man that was posing as a meter reader and in one instance touched a woman inappropriately who let him into her home.

Joseph Sciolino of Buffalo has been charged with forcible touching after he groped a woman against her will on May 20th. It happened after she let the 29-year-old into her home.

Syracuse Police are looking for anyone else who may have let Sciolin into their home. 

Syracuse Police are taking the opportunity to warn folks how to react if a door-to-door salesperson drops by unannounced.  Officers say that in most cases the people knocking on your door are honest good working people trying to earn a living, but residents should still be cautions.

Officers say it should be easy to verify that the person at the door is who they say they are. You can check for official vehicles, and you can call the business to determine if they are in your area.

Officers say when in doubt, trust your instinct, and call 911.

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