Syracuse Police Investigate Daytime Shooting, Stabbing

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Police are investigating a daylight stabbing and a shooting that happened in the same block of James Street seemingly minutes apart.

Syracuse Police say they were called out to James and Katherine Streets for a shooting and found a man in his 40's shot in the leg. Police say the victim described his attacker as 5-feet 6-inches tall African-American mans wearing blue shorts and a purple hat. The suspect was also with three other black males who all left the scene on bicycles.

About 20-minutes later officers went to St. Joe's to follow up with a victim that had been stabbed in the chest.  Officers say that the 22-year-old told them that he was stabbed in that same block of James Street as the shooting.   

Officers say they are not certain if the events are connected but are investigating.

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