Facebook War Erupts between City Auditor and DA Fitzpatrick

Syracuse, N.Y. – It's a Facebook War of Words between the City Comptroller and DA Bill Fitzpatrick.

The Facebook Feud stemmed from comments made at a Mayoral Candidate Forum Monday by Syracuse Comptroller Marty Masterpole that now may be the time for Fitzpatrick to retire.

Fitzpatrick took to Facebook to lambaste the Comptroller saying that Masterpole has been retired for the last 8 years and even went as far to say that Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge has hit more home-runs this season than the Comptroller has done audits over his tenure.

Fitzpatrick Facebook Post

Fitzpatrick concluded by saying come December he is confident that he will still have a job and that Comptroller Masterpole will be the one in retirement.

Masterpole responding on Facebook saying that the District Attorney took his comments out of context but stood by his belief that the best thing to do to solve a growing rift between the City Police Department and the DA's Office is for Fitzpatrick to retire.

Masterpole Responds on Facebook

The Comptroller also took a jab at the District Attorney saying that Fitzpatrick showed he has "Trump-like thin skin" and said Fitzpatrick is unfit for office after the DA teed off on Masterpole in the middle of the workday Tuesday on the official Facebook page for the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office.

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