Cuomo: Onondaga County Politicians are full of 'Baloney'

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo Gathers With Supporters On Election Night

Albany, N.Y. – Governor Andrew Cuomo says local town supervisors and mayors in Onondaga County are full of ‘bologna’ after grandstanding about his mandate that municipalities share services.

Cuomo says he feels local politicians are being obstinate about finding ways to make government more efficient and reduce Property Taxes. The Governor says that if local politicians cared about the people they represent they would make time in their ‘busy schedules’ to sit down together and find more ways to save taxpayers money.

Nearly 25 mayors and town supervisors in Onondaga County came together to speak out against the requirement Wednesday saying they’re already doing everything they can to share services. They called on the state to reduce the onerous burden placed on local governments by unfunded State Mandates and the state passing the buck on Medicaid.  

The deadline for the agreement is August 1st.

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