Driver nearly crashed bus full of students in DeWitt

DeWitt, N.Y. - New Court Documents are giving more details about an incident back in April where a Whitesboro School Bus driver was pulled over in DeWitt for erratically driving. 

Michele Daly was pulled over in DeWitt on 481 and accused of driving under the influence with a bus of 25 students and two coaches on their way to a lacrosse game in Fulton.

The documents indicate that witnesses observed Daly swerving in and out of her lane, appearing to have fallen asleep behind the wheel, and at one point an officer observed her nearly hit another vehicle as the bus drifted into the left lane.

Daly will be back in court later this month for Aggravated DWI, among other charges. Police are waiting on the results of tests to find out what might have been impairing her that day.

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