County Legislator Demands Amphitheater Contracts To Be Released

One county legislator is accusing the County Executive today of violating state finance laws. Kevin Holmquist is demanding that Joanie Mahoney is keeping contracts associated with the Lakeview Amphitheater shrouded in secrecy. 

Holmquist also claims that county taxpayers lost a half million dollars last year at the Amphitheater. Holmquist says Mahoney may also be violating the county charter by not releasing these contracts to legislators. 

 Holmquist says "the Amphitheater was shrouded in secrecy since day one and the fact that these contracts are hidden from the public only raises more questions." In A brief response, the county executive's office says the legislature already has a completely redacted version of the contract and the contract also ties to the financial documents which have also been provided multiple times.

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