New Video shows Syracuse Man Torturing Neighbor's Dog

UPDATE: Syracuse Police have released new video from their investigation into a case of animal cruelty. The video shows 40-year-old Steven Bryant dragging a puppy down Midland Avenue. 

Original Post by Kevin Schenk - 4/20/2017, 12:18 PM

A Syracuse man has been charged with a horrific case of animal torture. Witnesses called police when they spotted 40-year-old Steven Bryant dragging a puppy down Midland Avenue and Bryant's was even beating the puppy with a board. 

Witnesses says the puppy was covered in blood. The puppy suffered from a horrible case of road rash from being dragged down the street. The puppy is now being treated at the DeWitt Animal Hospital.The dog did not belong to Bryant and he was apparently walking the dog for it's owner who was unaware that the puppy was being tortured. 

Syracuse Police say much of the incident was caught on surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

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