Lonsberry: SPD has Pastime Surveillance Video

Syracuse, N.Y. - Surveillance video from the Pastime Athletic Club from the evening before the tragic hit-and-run of Seth Collier is in the custody of Syracuse Police. 

Sources tell NewsRadio570's Bob Lonsberry that the video system at Pastime Athletic Club was not compromised as reported by some other media outlets.

Lonsberry has also learned that former Onondaga County District Attorney's Investigator Peter Rauch and Syracuse Firefighter Edward Ackerman had left the club more than two hours before the hit-and-run and were on their way back to the club when Seth Collier was allegedly hit by Rauch while walking in the road just after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Lonsberry is also told Ackerman did not let police into the Pastime Athletic Club but that an employee had to bring a key and let Officers in. Officers were knocking on the door of Pastime for more than an hour before then. Once inside Police found Ackerman along with another unidentified person in the basement of the club.

Rauch has since been fired from his job with the DA's office and he's been suspended from his job as a part-time Liverpool police officer. 

Ackerman has been suspended without pay as a Syracuse Firefighter pending the investigation into the hit and run.

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