Report: Cuomo Tells State Agencies To Push Good News - Or Else

There's been a lot of good news about New York State agencies lately - and apparently, it's no accident.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 02:  New York Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo speaks to supporters at the Sheraton New York on election night, November 2, 2010 in New York City. Cuomo resoundingly defeated his Tea Party-backed opponent, Republican candidate Carl Paladino

The "New York Post" is reporting that the governor's office has put 55 state agencies on notice to churn out more good news or "changes will be made."  Some recent headlines include solar power increasing almost 800 percent in five years, and a major crackdown on illegal dumping in downstate locations.

 Cuomo's communications director James Allen says there was a conference call with agencies, but there weren't any threats - Allen claims it was more of a motivational, team-building pep talk.

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