Geddes Town Supervisor, resigns, pleads guilty to evesdropping

Geddes, N.Y. - A surprise guilty plea today from the Town Supervisor in Geddes on Felony Eavesdropping charges. 

Manny Falcone admitted in court today that he installed audio listening devices at the town hall to record the conversations of some employees. The eavesdropping went on for several months inside the town hall. 

His secretary, Ellen Colelli, is also facing legal issues for being involved in the audio scheme. Falcone was listening to conversations of what was described as problematic employees without their knowledge.

Falcone has now resigned as supervisor and is expected to get five years probation when he's sentenced. Falcone is also the Fire Chief of the Lakeland Fire Department.

The District Attorneys office says the audio listening devices would have been perfectly legal if public notices were posted at the town hall. Investigators say Falcone never used any of those audio recordings to retaliate or discipline employees.

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