Robert Neulander Murder Retrial Defense Rests, Closing Arguments Wednesday

Syracuse, N.Y. - Today began the third week of the Dr. Robert Neulander murder retrial.

Dr. Roland Auer, a neuropathologist, was called to the stand first. He disagreed with the claim that the biomatter found on the headboard was from Leslie's head. He is the only forensic pathologist who has conclusively said the biomatter is not adipose, or fatty tissue from Leslie's head.

Ari Neulander, Leslie and Robert Neulander’s youngest child took the stand. He said that he was aware that his parents were separating, but the family still did many activities together. He said his parents were acting normal the night before Leslie's death and he never saw his parents get into a physical fight.

After his testimony the defense rested its case without calling Jenna Neulander who was the only person there with her father the morning Leslie was found dead.

The court is now adjourned until Wednesday morning at 9 for closing arguments.

Gavel In Court Room

Photo: Getty Images

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