West Genesee Residents Meet Superintendent Finalists

Camillus, N.Y. - Residents, Teachers, and Staff had an opportunity to meet the three finalists for the next Superintendent at the West Genesee School.

Last night's meeting introduced David Bills and Linda Goeway to teachers and parents. The pair are superintendents from outside CNY. Brian Kesel has worked for the district his entire career. He has spent the last 12 years as an assistant superintendent.

Those that came to the meeting could not directly ask questions of the candidates.

The district has been dealing with challenges since the start of the year. Their outdoing superintendent Chris Brown resigned after his wife accused him on Social Media of having an affair with an employee of the district. Also, a bus driver was forced to retire earlier this year after he let an adult on a school bus full of Middle Schoolers.

Residents ousted several board members in elections last month and are worried those outgoing board members could make the wrong decisions if they are allowed to be apart of the decision making process.

The board will meet again next week. They could select a candidate, widdle the list down further, or dump all three finalists and come up with fresh candidates.

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