Central New York Dealing With Blizzard Conditions And High Winds

Syracuse, N.Y. - Central New York is dealing with Blizzard like conditions and almost Hurricane like winds today. The weather is causing lots of down wires, power lines and tree limbs. It is also causing many other issues...

-The travel advisory in Oneida County is in effect. No unnecessary travel throughout the entire county until further notice due to near whiteout conditions in many places making travel very dangerous.

-All Classes at SUNY OSWEGO are cancelled for the day. This applies to classes on the SUNY Oswego main campus and Syracuse campus.

-The New York State Department Of Transportation has a couple of safety reminders ;

  • Rememeber to always treat dark traffic signals as all-way ( commonly refered to as four-way) stops. In the event a traffic signal is malfunctioning or completely out of service due to a power outage, motorists should come to a complete stop and then take turns proceeding through the intersection.
  • If you come across a closed or blocked roadway due to downed power lines or trees, motorists are reminded to exercise caution and obey all signs or barricades, regardless of whether a roadway looks clear. Barricades are for the safety of the traveling public and should be taken seriously.

-An empty trailer ban on I-90 in both directions between Exit 31A PA State Line & I-190 is still in effect. All empty tractor trailers (including empty long and short tandems) will be prohibited from traveling on the Thruway System from the Pennsylvania State Line to Interchange 31 Utica (including all of I-190), both directions.


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