They’re Not Telling You That COVID’s Death Rate Is Falling

RUSH: Gigantic COVID-19 news, and the thrust of most of the COVID-19 news is to get you eventually to fall in with shutting down the country again. That's where all of this is headed. What you need to know... Well, you need to avoid this. You need to not go along with this idea of shutting down the entire economy again, shutting down entire states.

What they're not telling you is the death rate. The death rate is falling. But you don't know that because they are simply reporting this massive increase in cases. And you're supposed to assume that every case equals a death. This is due to media irresponsibility and propaganda as well. So record number of cases in Florida set every day. Not in deaths, folks.

The number... In fact, you'd be stunned. You probably think that the number one state for deaths due to coronavirus... What would you say? Probably Florida, right, based on the reporting? I mean, 10,000 new cases a day, every new day is a record. "There are 11,000 new cases! Oh, my God. Shutting down the bars and restaurants in Miami. Oh, my God! Shutting down in Palm Beach. Oh, my God!"

You think that death is crazy high in Florida and in Texas. Notice all these states that they're reporting have these massive increase in cases -- Texas, Florida. (They don't tell you about Georgia, by the way.) Well, I have a little chart here, folks, "COVID-19 Deaths Per Million," and the number one state for deaths -- and this is not a factor of population because this is per million.

The number one state where death is occurring to COVID-19's New Jersey. "Wait a minute, New Jersey? I don't even hear about New Jersey on the news. New Jersey? They're not even telling me about the number of new cases in New Jersey. All I'm hearing about is Florida and Texas." Yep. It's 1,718 deaths per million in New Jersey. Do you know what number two is?

Number two happens to be Andrew Cuomo's state, New York, with 1,656 deaths per million. "New York? Why, they're telling me New York is on the downturn. They're telling me New York is getting better. They're telling me no new cases in New York, right? Or it's really trending down. All I'm hearing about is Florida. All I'm hearing about's Texas." Okay, well, let's find Florida. Florida is 172 deaths per million -- 172?

Well, let's see. The United States average, by the way, the 400. So Florida... Let's see Texas. Texas is 91 deaths per million. Texas. And yet the news you hear every day is all these new cases. "Massive new cases, record numbers of new cases in Florida, in Texas. We gotta shut down the country. Oh, my God! It's getting out of control again."

Well, the number of people dying in Texas and Florida -- and of course one is too many. Don't misunderstand. But we're nowhere near... In Florida or Texas, we're nowhere near the leading states, which are New York and New Jersey. Following that, by the way, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, D.C., Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois. So you have to get...

Let's see. Ohio is 251 deaths per million. Let's see. Let me find Arizona 'cause it's another state they're pushing big. Where is Arizona? Arizona may be so low it's not on the list. Arizona is at 250, it looks like, right under Ohio, at 251. But you wouldn't know this, because they're not telling you. They're not reporting the number of deaths per million.

In other words, they're not reporting the survivability rate.

The answer here is don't mandate closures. Don't mandate social distancing. Don't even mandate mask wearing. Encourage people who are old or who have a compromised immune system to stay quarantined, stay hidden away. Do not go out. But let the young and the healthy go out and live their lives. Go ahead and live their lives and spread herd immunity because that's ultimately -- 'til we get therapeutics or a vaccine, herd immunity is -- gonna be the answer to this.


RUSH: Folks, you just have to remember -- you have to try to remember -- the vast majority of what you're reading or seeing in media just isn't true. It's stunning how much of it's not true but it's the fact of the matter. Get used to it.

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