Kaitlyn Conley to Serve 23 Years


Kaitlyn Conley was sentenced today to 23 years of prison and five years probation for first-degree manslaughter. After the sentencing, Conley spoke for the first time in court saying "I am innocent." The incident happened back in November where Conley poisoned her boss, Dr. Mary Yoder, with a common gout medicine called Colchicine.

A woman died today in the town of Lysander after enduring eighteen years of domestic abuse at the hand of her husband. Law enforcement records show their were eleven calls of incidents from her residence in that time span.

District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick is now a double dipper. Double dipping means one can collect a pension while still working. This is in an effort to protect spousal benefits.  This means if he died, his wife would not be able to get access to his pension.

Bill Fitzpatrick


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