The Mandate Of Ben Walsh, #Oprah2020, Hollywood And Sexual Harassment


Ben Walsh Inauguration Ceremony.

Political squabbles in Onondaga County make for great radio and horrendous governance. Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh faces the headwinds of lingering political feuds and if he is to be successful many politicians in Central New York need to let bygones be bygones.



Oprah gave a rousing speech at the Golden Globes after receiving a lifetime achievement award. It is fueling speculation she is considering a Presidential run in 2020. Stedman isn't helping to ease the speculation


However, how much fun would it be to bring this video back?


Hollywood and Sexual Harassment.

I appreciate the efforts by the folks at the Golden Globes Sunday night. All people should have the right to not be harassed or assaulted at work. However, it seems a bit disingenuous that the entertainment industry is calling foul without acknowledging their role in the moral erosion that has led us to the reckoning. 


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