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Meet the racist DEMOCRAT who helped spread ‘replacement theory’

The left-wing media has been working overtime this week to convince the American public that ALL Republicans subscribe to the racist ‘replacement theory’ — which declares that white Americans are at risk of being ‘replaced’ in our population by non-white citizens. But there’s a reason why the vast majority of conservatives had never even HEARD of this theory before our far-left press began discussing it, Glenn says. And that’s because the left has HID the man who helped spread it within the U.S.: a DEMOCRAT. In this clip, Glenn gives the full story…

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GLENN: The left-wing media has been working overtime this week, to paint all Republicans has subscribers to replacement theory.

Now, honestly, I don't know if I ever heard of re-- isn't there a Christian kind of fringy, theological replacement theory, where it's like, yeah. Jews aren't Jews anymore. We're the Jews. We're the chosen people. No, I'm sorry. No.

However, I don't think I've ever heard it, as a -- as a plot to take over America, by breeding. Unless you're talking about, you know, Margaret Sanger.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Right? Well, that's before I did my homework.

My gosh. White people, and especially Republican white people. You're in trouble. You're in trouble. First of all, you're in trouble, because, you know, there are going to be people of other colors, that eventually will rule the world. Yeah. Yeah. How do you like them apples?

Panic, right?

You're being replaced. So no serious conservative that I know, no conservative that I know, believes in replacement theory. You know, we're generally not sitting around in the dark smoke-filled star chamber, talking about how to solve replacement theory. Maybe it's just me.

I'm attending all the wrong star chamber series. But I'm pretty sure, I haven't missed any.

I think most conservative-leaning Americans may have never even heard of replacement theory, until the media. Now, this shows you the media is -- this shows you that the intellectuals of our country. They're way ahead. They have an answer for everything, immediately.

Have you noticed that? This time, it was replacement theory. And -- and we keep standing around, and going, wait. What?

What is -- what's nonbinary mean?

What? Okay. They introduce all kinds of new ideas, and everything. And they were like, yeah. Yeah. The Republicans, they have been talking about replacement theory for years. And they were like, I don't even -- okay!

Well, then I did my homework, and I am about to blow the lid off of the Republicans. In our political and cultural debates, the background of replacement theory -- and I'm not making excuses for it -- but the background is more complicated than, you know, the media is making. Racist Republicans were spreading replacement theory. It creates racist mass shatters. So it does exist.

And, again, I'm not making excuses for it, but it's more complex than that. One of the most prominent spreaders of replacement theory panic, was a U.S. senator. In 1947, he wrote a book, expression or mongrelization. Take your choice. Now, I don't know if you've read that one yet.

I'm not --

PAT: I've missed that one. Shoot.

GLENN: Yeah. I'm not up on my mongrelization books.

But I'll look for it. Okay?

His name, probably never heard of it. His name is Theodore G. Bilbo.

He was a senator. He spent two terms, as a governor. He was a political icon, at the time.

PAT: Oh, Republican.

GLENN: There was a statue of this occasion -- I mean, I would be careful.

There was a statue of this guy. So how do we not know of this guy?

He was indeed, paranoid. He was paranoid, because the growing population of black Americans posed a serious threat to the white civilization.

And if I may quote, because they're classy, classy quotes from this guy. Great civilization of the ages, have been produced by the Caucasian race. End quote.

Black people moved in and destroyed our societies like ancient Egypt, creating a mongrel race. Thus, the title of the book. I think that's the classic that everybody was singing back in the '40s. The mongrel, not only lacks the ability to create civilization, but he cannot maintain a culture that he finds around him.

He also said, quote, I'm convinced beyond every reasonable doubt, that our race is in jeopardy. And at the present rate of interbreeding and intermarriage between N-words and the whites, in nine generations.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: Which is only 300 years. There will be no whites left. In 300 years.

Panic, everybody. He also said, I would rather see my race, and my civilization blotted out with the atomic bomb. Than see it slowly, but surely destroyed in the maelstrom of interbreeding. Intermarriage. And mongrelization.

Okay? He was a good guy. When he was -- when he was running to keep his seat in 1946. He said, by any means, keep the N-words away from the polls. And if you don't know what that means, you're just plain dumb, end quote. Now, as I said, there is a statue of this guy in a U.S. capitol. Okay?

I mean, a state capitol. Not the U.S. capitol. A state capitol. It's sitting in the capitol where he served as governor.

It's in the capitol of Mississippi. And the -- the statue of him, now sits in a storage closet. I believe in the basement of the Capitol. Way in the back of the closet.

And that's why Republicans don't know anything, about replacement theory.

Because it has been hidden. Nobody wants to remember this guy. Nobody wants to remember his membership in the Klan. His horrible racist rants and theories. His horrible books. I can't speak on the mongrelization one. I haven't read that one. Sounds snappy.

You already -- already, people -- they don't want to know this. Because they already have to explain away, Margaret Sanger. Or Woodrow Wilson.

And all of the other racist progressives, who built that party into what it is today. The modern Democratic Party.

But I -- I -- you probably already knew. But I forgot to tell you, that Theodore Bilbo, was a Democrat. As a senator. And a Democrat as a governor.

And I can't blame them. I mean -- and I can't blame you for not knowing it. Because progressives have this history of tearing down statues of people they want to erase. And I can see why they tore this man's statue down. They should erase him.

Except, you know, what I was thinking about this. When I was looking at senator Bilbo's record. Last night, I thought to myself, you know, I happen to believe that you never learn from history, if you erase history, you know.

We would have known what the real fear of replacement theory really was about. And that's mongrelization. Had we seen that statue and said, who the hell is that guy?

So I know it's in a closet. It probably hasn't been seen in years. But I -- on good authority, I do have, that they still have it in the basement of the capitol. And I would like to ask the governor of Mississippi. In fact, I think I'll call him today or tomorrow. I'll ask him, if they still have that, if they will donate that, to our American journey museum. I'll put it right next to the human betterment foundation, from California.

With the letter from the Nazis saying, hey. With what you guys taught us about eugenics. You have certainly stirred into action, a country of 60 million people, that can't wait, to put your ideas into practice. I'll put it right next to those guys. Oh, and the Woodrow Wilson stuff, where he was resegregating the military. Yeah. I'll just -- we'll just do that.

So if the state of Mississippi, and I'm dead serious. I will bring the truck and the movers. If the state of Mississippi would like to go in the basement with a flashlight and find that statue of senator Theodore Bilbo, I will make sure that people see and understand the evils of replacement theory. And they will also know exactly which party has been the driver of replacement theory.

As a free service. Free service. Mississippi. I'm dead serious. Take me up on it.

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