Squirrel Sculpture Sparks Outrage

An enormous squirrel sculpture recently put on display in a Kazakhstan  city is generating controversy both for its bizarre nature and its  rather sizeable price tag. Located in the city of Almaty, the piece  stands a whopping 40 feet high and is constructed out of straw and wood.  In a testament to the old adage that 'everyone's a critic,' the  reception for the squirrel sculpture has been largely one of derision  with some saying the creature looks more like a rat and others have  decried the creation as a massive fire hazard.

Where most residents take issue with the faux rodent is in its cost:  around $67,000 dollars. This is because the sculpture is part of a  nationwide celebration in Kazakhstan and, as such, the artwork was  partially funded by the city government to the tune of $44,000 dollars.  As one might expect, this expenditure did not sit well with those living  in Almaty, who argue that there were better things to spend the money  on besides a giant sculpture of a squirrel such as, really, anything.  But, more specifically, they've suggested that the money could have  helped families in need or those who require help paying for medical  bills.

Find out more about this weird story, including what one of the artists behind the sculpture had to say, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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