FBI Searches PA State Park for Lost Civil War Gold

A swath of federal agents descended upon a spot inside a Pennsylvania  state forest late last week to look for signs of a legendary lost Civil  War treasure!

For over 150 years, historians and armchair treasure hunters have  speculated about a story surrounding the purported disappearance of a  cache of federally-owned gold bars said to have gone missing while  traveling through Pennsylvania in the chaos of the Civil War.

Although academics have debated the veracity of the tale, numerous  independent researchers have attempted to track down the lost riches  over the years and one group, known as Finders Keepers, thought they had  cracked the case in 2004.

However, when it came to actually retrieving the treasure, their efforts  were stymied because the organization determined that it was buried at a  location within a state forest and, thus, they were legally forbidden  from doing any digging at the site.

The case remained stuck at this standstill for well over a decade until  this past weekend when, to the shock of many, the FBI suddenly showed up  at the park.

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