LONSBERRY: What A Pretty Lie A Poll Is

What a pretty lie a poll is.

               And what a pack of conmen the reporters are.

               And what an impotent tyranny the progressives run.

               That’s the takeaway on this uncertain morning after. While an asterisk hangs over the most important results, some conclusions are clear. We don’t yet know who the president will be, but we do know who the charlatans were.

               They were the people peddling the polls that reflected not public opinion, but public manipulation. They were the reporters who strung an orchestrated narrative of dishonesty, driven not by data but by dogma, not by our truth but by their propaganda.

               They told us, for weeks and months on end, that a landslide was on the way, a blue wave, a national repudiation of Trump and all things Republican. It was a done deal, with a winner declared by 10 p.m., and a new progressive course for the nation set. It was going to be cops defunded and socialism spread and health care for all. America was coming to its senses and on Election Day the nation would kneel before its future of enlightenment, a fist raised and a paradigm shifted, a progressive future embraced and an oppressive past denounced.

               That’s what the polls said.

               That’s what the reporters intoned.

               That’s what the alerts shouted.

               But it didn’t work out that way. And it wasn’t anywhere close.

               In fact, support for Donald Trump was deeper and wider, and victory was not only possible but increasingly likely. Joe Biden was not a juggernaut, he was a mouse, nibbling at the edges of a red electoral wall, finding his best success among the Californians newly moved to Scottsdale. There was no wave, and it certainly wasn’t blue. There was a nation that stood essentially where it stood four years ago, when the same lying pollsters also said that Trump didn’t have a chance.

               When you’re wrong over and over, it’s not an accident. Incompetence is not 100%, but deception is. And the polling sciences turn out to be nothing more than one more arrow in the quiver of progressive propaganda and liberal manipulation.

               It works like this: When you think people are idiots, you believe you can control them through deception.

               And so every night at 6:30 you earnestly look into the camera, jacked up on Red Bull, and offer, with syrupy earnestness, to “guide you through” the day’s complex issues.

               Then you read from the TelePrompTer – the modern counterpart of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book and Marx’s “Das Kapital” – and believe with all your heart that the sheep are buying it.

               But yesterday’s vote shows they’re not.

               Because while we don’t yet know if Trump won, we do know that four years of relentless assault by the bastions of elite, progressive power in American society have not been able to weaken him or diminish his support. As opposed to a discarded and disgraced joke, Trump stands poised to possibly become a successful two-term president of the United States.

               This is about the impotent tyranny.

               Because even with the entire force of the entertainment, political, education, journalism and religious wings of the progressive revolution focusing four years of hell on Donald Trump, the liberal elites couldn’t get any more of the American people to buy it. Businesses scorned Trump, colleges scorned Trump, jocks scorned Trump, actors scorned Trump, every bastion of liberal power scorned Trump, and nobody fell for it. They didn’t change his approval rating or diminish his support.

               They were powerless to hoodwink a good half of the American mind.

               Even with the entire journalism business selling its soul to go all in on the progressive resistance, they couldn’t move the needle. “The New York Times” and the “Washington Post” completely changed their nature and abandoned the pretense of objectivity, and yet Donald Trump is not torn down. Hell, the progressives even bought and bastardized Drudge, and all they can do is hold on by their fingertips and hope that some tabulation of absentee votes can reverse a clear electoral disappointment on Election Day.

               The polls weren’t wrong, they were dishonest.

               In 2016, and again in 2020.

               They were not about the horse race, they were about the horse shit – about the purposeful deception of the American people, about providing grist for the propaganda mill the evening news has become.

               But, I’m sorry to tell you, comrade, it didn’t work.

               Joe Biden may yet win, but you cannot truly say that Donald Trump lost.

               In spite of four years of unrelenting hell, he expanded his base, he kept the Senate, he derailed the socialist fantasy, and he denied the America-hating neo-libs a mandate.

               And that’s a win, a nation-saving win, no matter what’s in the absentee-voter envelopes.