Former Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio Attacks Bob Lonsberry On Facebook

Social justice activist and former Rochester-area judge Leticia Astacio has attacked Bob Lonsberry on social media.

In a Facebook post, she was upset Bob mentioned her on the air recently, asked why he hadn't had an "ass-whipping", and accused him of killing people.

And she said she would not encourage black men to whip his ass, because she's sure Bob would murder them and make a show of how they "deserved it".

Astacio was removed as a judge for conduct violations and served time in jail for violating her DWI probation.

Listen to the audio from our sister station, NewsRadio WHAM 1180, below. We've also embedded the entire video for you to view - Which you can start at 5:40 in.

Former Judge Leticia Astacio on Facebook Live