Covid is real. So is the exploitation of it to suppress your freedom, weaken our country and destroy the economy.

               Few challenges in American history have been more incompetently or malevolently managed than the coronavirus. And in those states where Democratic governors have used it as a pretext to expand their powers and oppress their people, it has been weaponized in a fashion unseen in almost 250 years of American history.

               And whether it’s all been done to steal an election, or tear down a Republic, or advance the socialist agenda, or bring in a revolutionary Reign of Terror, it’s wrong, evil and bad.

               And there is no end in sight.

               As even the smallest steps of returning to normal approach, the army of the left seeks to destabilize any normalcy and enflame every anxiety. Social upset and upheaval are both the objective and the weapon of the progressive insurrectionists.

               There is an angst and fear abroad in the land, a pervasive sense of discomfort and doom. Nothing seems right, everything is in turmoil, the world is turned upside down.

               And that is exactly the objective.

               And so teachers unions, the biggest funders of the leftists’ Democratic Party, all announce on cue that school isn’t safe, that it should be put off, at least until after Election Day. Public health directors, instead of speaking calm and encouragement, say it’s up to parents, and what they feel, and there is great uncertainty.

               A bit of American society is burning down, and they are doing all they can to throw fuel on the fire.

               And there is no end in sight.

               Quite literally.

               Covid won’t be over in a month, it won’t be over in a year, it won’t be over when they come out with a vaccine.

               We are so poorly educated and historically ignorant that we have no understanding of infectious diseases and how we have dealt with them in the past or what it means to have them among us.

               As we wait feverishly for a vaccine, it’s worth remembering that vaccines while wonderful blessings and undeniably gifts from God, are largely for the management of diseases, and only eventually for their elimination. The measles vaccine, for example, was invented in the United States in 1963 and was immediately used for mass, mandatory inoculation. It took, however, more than 35 years – until 2000 – for endemic measles to be eliminated in the United States. And it came back eight years later because of our open borders.

               George Washington inoculated his Army against small pox, to great benefit, but it was not until 1949 – more than 150 years later – that the last naturally occurring smallpox outbreak in the United States occurred.

               So the covid vaccine, while a very good thing, will not be a magic bullet. That’s not the way nature, science, medicine, viruses and vaccines work. Covid will remain in our population, infecting and killing people, indefinitely into the future.

               In fact, it’s likely that the nation’s background level of covid infection for as much as the next generation or so will be right about where upstate New York’s infection rate is now – in the neighborhood of one-half to one percent.

               If we’re lucky.

               Which isn’t to be pessimistic, it’s to be honest.

               And society has to honestly come to grips with whether or not it will continue to tolerate the government restrictions of liberty and economy which have been done in the name of covid. We have lived and suffered through a command economy. New York is expected to lose fully a third of its small businesses this calendar year. Two-thirds of New Yorkers in the hospitality and food service industries lost their jobs in March and April. Gyms are closed, funerals are capped, weddings are discouraged, churches are dark. All in the name of covid, a disease that isn’t going away.

               The question is: Will government oppression go away? Or will covid be used unendingly as an excuse to suppress your liberty and enhance their power?

               And one other note on public health. The human immune system was created or evolved in an environment of constant infectious assault. We have always been bathed in germs that we have swapped freely with one another and with our environment. It is nature’s way, and we have adapted to and largely flourished in it. And, under government order, we’ve just taken something like 300 million Americans and immunologically isolated them for months. Limited human contact, sterilized environments. A dramatic drop off in communicable and transient diseases, and a long period of inactivity for the average immune system.

               Nothing can go wrong with that, right?

               Or do we have another, manmade health crisis around the corner?

               Covid is real. So is the crime against our liberty and prosperity which have resulted from its malfeasant and malevolent mismanagement.

               The question is, as the disease remains with us, will we tolerate the continued oppression that mismanagement has brought?

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