Bernie Sanders, Could He Be Our First Socialist President? What's Socialism

3pm: Lake Ontario flooding, what should you do? Bobs thoughts on the situation. Sullivan County Coyote hunting competition, and why we do it. The Royals using their fame and celebrity, Bobs opinions on their approach. Thoughts on the green light law regarding DMV records, Quomo vs Trump. Roger Stone and Trump, Trump was foolish to get involved.

4pm: Walmart Shooting in Camillus, what Bob has uncovered about the situation. Elise Stefanik and V Corps, what it means, how it works, and how relates to Fort Drum. Valentines Day, universal love. Bob talks about an experience he had while taking a run in a bad neighborhood. Bob says "The Beauty of Love will Blossom no matter the location". The issues with being born out of wedlock. Family is Family! Love each other.

5pm: Bernie Sanders, could a socialist be our President? Bob discusses government, and what our government should stand for. What is socialism? The Corona Virus, and how it has impacted Americans on a Cruise. Pan Handlers, what should we do?

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