LONSBERRY: Impeachment Is Going To Bite The Democrats On The Ass

Let the dog and pony show begin.

Let Schiff and his cronies parade out who they're going to parade out, and bluster about what they're going to bluster about.

Let them make as big of fools of themselves as they want.

Because that's how this is going to work. They are going to act and rant and pontificate and condemn, and they are not going to move the needle.

America has made up its mind about Donald Trump. For good or ill, great guy or immoral bastard, we know where we stand. That has been determined by Donald Trump, not the cats Nancy Pelosi is trying to herd.

They are not going to embarrass him.

But they are going to embarrass themselves. They are going to put on public display the mole hill they have claimed is a mountain, and it is they who are going to come out looking like idiots.

Take the first witnesses. A couple of mid-level ho-hums who are going to tell us how upset they were by what they had heard about a phone call. A phone call we have seen a transcript of and not been bothered by.


The people on the evening news are crapping their pants about Little Biden and the Ukrainian president and quid pro quo -- whatever the hell that is -- and a good chunk of America couldn't care less.

I couldn't care less.

Not that I don't care about integrity in government, but that this whole brouhaha is much ado about nothing.

Let me run it down for you.

The United States goverment is about to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, a nation racked with political and corporate corruption, and a nation suspected of trying to inappropriately buy influence in American politics. And the president of the United States asks the president of Ukraine to investigate that corruption as a condition for receiving further American aid.

To me, that's not impeachable -- that's common sense.

Before we give you more money, promise you're going to make sure it won't be siphoned off by crooks.

And after two years of Democrats ballyhooing about Russian interference in American politics, isn't it prudent to make sure that there isn't Ukrainian interference in American politics?

And as to Trump having his personal lawyer and the American ambassador to the European Union run oversight on Ukrainian relations, what's wrong with that? And what's out of the ordinary about that?

In almost all presidential administrations there have been close associates of the president who have operated as his emissaries -- in addition to or in circumvention of ambassadors. In fact, in the current administration, the president's chief representative to countries like Mexico and Israel is his son-in-law, even though we have ambassadors to those nations.

This is normal, and legal, and nothing to cry about.

So it's all bullcrap.

The latest stop in the Democrats' slow-motion coup is smoke and mirrors, a reality-TV stunt pulled as part of the 2020 presidential campaign. There is no there there.

And people are going to see that.

At least enough of them will.

Enough of them that, this far into the Democratic candidate selection process, they are wheeling out new people to run for president. Seriously. After months and months of free ads on the evening news, America doesn't give a damn about any of the Democrat candidates.

And there are enough Democrat bigwigs who can do math to have them worried about their party's White House prospects for 2020. Because, believe it or not, the self-proclaimed progressive saviors of the world are about to be beaten by Donald Trump -- again. His national numbers might be this or that, but his electoral college numbers are right where they were in 2016 -- poised to claim four more years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And that drives the Democrats nuts.

And that's why they're doing this. Not because any reading of the evidence indicates Donald Trump has committed treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors. But because they are desperate to damage him in any way possible.

And misuse the power of their office at every political expediency.

But it's not going to work.

They're going to wheel out their big guns today, and they are going to be duds.

Sure, the Democrats in the news media will chatter about the doings of the Democrats in Congress, but the American people will be unmoved. The ones who hate Trump, will still hate him. And the ones who support Trump, will still support him.

They call that "status quo ante."

Which means the Democrats are screwed.

And the people will decide.

It won't be the Democrat camera hogs who determine Donald Trump's fate, it will be the voters. His future won't be decided in Congress, it will be decided at the ballot box. Today doesn't matter, Election Day matters.

And this dog and pony show is going to turn around and bite the Democrats on the ass. They promise fire and they deliver fizzle, and the American people remember that.

And nobody should be surprised if a year from now Trump is planning his second term.

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