LONSBERRY: There's No Way In Hell He Killed Himself

There’s no way in hell he killed himself.

That’s what we all said Saturday morning.

Jeffrey Epstein, rich guy pervert, woke up dead, and we all knew he didn’t do it himself.

Friday night, the news told us that Epstein allegedly supplied pubescent girls to a prince of England, a Democrat senator and a Democrat governor. Saturday morning, the news told us that Epstein was dead.

Huh. What a coincidence.

What a way to silence a guy who, if the allegations are true, held the reputations of scores of incredibly powerful men in his hands.

And did I mention that he was pals with Bill Clinton, and that the former president had been a frequent passenger on Epstein’s private jet?

And now he’s dead.

See also: Vince Foster.

And the memes began to roll. The Clintons-kill-people string took off, as did several other sardonic lines of thought, all playing off the preposterous notion that this guy could end up dead at his own hand.

The highest-value detainee in the federal criminal justice system, a man who – according to women claiming to be victims – trafficked high-school girls to a steady stream of the rich and powerful and progressive, a guy who had locked between his ears information that could conceivably blow apart careers and reputations.

Some Spanish-speaking president, a son of Queen Elizabeth, a former Senate majority leader, various millionaires and CEOs, all of whom could potentially be done in by Jeffrey Epstein.

And Jeffrey Epstein turns up dead.

While in federal custody. Weeks after an incident in which somebody – himself or another – tried to kill him.

How could that happen?

It turns out that, thus far, the government’s best explanation is abject incompetence. The once-vaunted G-men turn out to be a bunch of gold-brick idiots. It apparently never occurred to anyone that this prisoner needed extra supervision, or that his earlier brush with cellblock death increased his potential for future danger.

It seems that the Justice Department, so keen to investigate Trump and the Republicans, took the week off when it came to protecting this potential embarrasser of Democrats.

If we are to believe the evening news, it was all a big giant “oops!”

And if you think anything different, the networks insinuated, it’s because of the Russians.

 That’s right. Somehow, the Russians and Trump are behind any questions asked about this matter. NBC News pointed at websites and quasi-news sites, which it claimed were Russian influenced, and wagged its self-righteous progressive finger at any questioners of the official narrative.

Which is all bull crap.

Jeffrey Epstein, Accused Sex Trafficker, Dies By Suicide - Thumbnail Image

Jeffrey Epstein, Accused Sex Trafficker, Dies By Suicide

This isn’t about Russia or covering progressive ass, this is about common sense and justice. And about the most politically convenient death since Marie Antoinette ate her last piece of cake.

Because this guy should be alive. And it is inconceivable and criminal that he is dead. Without regard to whether or not he had the who-banged-whom details on the world’s power elite, he was the perpetrator of serial sexual violence against a seemingly large number of women who demand justice and deserve the right to face their attacker before the bar of justice.

But they are denied that justice, that opportunity to see him humbled and punished, because he is dead.

And he is dead because of the incompetence of federal officials. They failed to protect him, from himself or from others. They failed to preserve him for the justice system.

And they allowed natural questions and suspicions to arise, because they failed to keep him alive.

Did a jail freelancer do it? Was it the British secret service, protecting the reputation of a royal? Did Hillary drop down from the ceiling like Tom Cruise? Did our government do it? Did some jailer just get a big Swiss bank account?

Those are not unnatural or unreasonable questions to ask.

While it is unreasonable to ask us to believe that a federal criminal justice system running more than 100 prisons and presumably operating at or near the industry standard could be so completely failed. There was no video surveillance of Epstein’s cell? He was not under constant supervision? How did he come to have anything with him that could be fashioned into a noose?

How did this happen?

It just doesn’t make sense.

And, interestingly, instead of questioning the official narrative, the press is echoing it, and politically attacking anyone who questions it.

I’m not a conspiracy guy, and I don’t believe in the “deep state,” but this could change that.

There’s no way in hell he killed himself.

That’s what we all said Saturday morning.

And I’m still saying it.

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