Albany Hates Guns

Boy, they came up with a good one this time.

You know how the Democrats in Albany do, always working really hard trying to find new ways to screw you.

Well, with the help of your boyfriend Andy Cuomo, they’ve come up with a truly great one regarding guns.

They say that if you’re going to exercise the right to own a gun, you’ve got to accept the responsibility that comes with it.

That’s why they say if you own a gun you ought to have insurance that protects against someone stealing it and using it in a crime, for example.

Hopefully it doesn’t get through, but here’s what they’re pushing.

Under this scheme, every gun owner in New York would be required to have a $250,000 liability insurance policy and be able to document that to the state, or else forfeit the right to own a gun.

And this wouldn’t just apply to handguns, but rifles, .22s, grandpa’s shotgun in the corner of the closet, whatever else you’ve got.

Every year, you’d be on the hook for a quarter of a million dollar insurance policy, which would be burdensome, annoying, and unnecessarily punitive.

Who knows how they’d actually implement it, but there’s no doubt it would cost some serious money.

It seems as though, once again, the Democrats are actively trying to drive gun owners (particularly low income and fixed income ones) out of town.

The state would essentially be saying that if you’re retired, or on public assistance, or haven’t quite started making real money at your job yet, you can’t own a gun because you can’t afford the insurance.

As usual they’re working overtime in Albany to figure out new ways to screw you, and they’ve hit a home run with this one.

Bob Lonsberry

Bob Lonsberry

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