Moose Headbutts, Stomps On Hiker Walking Her Dog On Colorado Trail


Photo: Bob Gwaltney Photography / iStock / Getty Images

A woman was hospitalized after a moose attacked her while she was walking her dog in Colorado, according to state wildlife officials. Colorado Parks & Wildlife said the attack happened Wednesday morning (September 20) on the South Saint Vrain Trail, which is west of Boulder.

The news release said the hiker surprised a cow moose, which responded by charging the woman, headbutting and stomping on her "several times." The woman managed to retreat to a nearby neighbor's house and call for help. Officials said she was taken to the hospital but didn't provide any details about her injuries or condition.

CPW added that they did say her dog suffered minor injuries. The neighbor told deputies the hiker's dog was leashed at the time of the attack.

Wildlife officers were dispatched to the area but weren't able to find the suspected moose. They also put up signs warning visitors of the aggressive creature.

This is the third moose attack in Boulder Counter this year, CPW spokesperson Kara Van Hoose revealed to The Associated Press. Cow moose also tend to be more hostile during the rut, which is their mating season that begins around mid-September in Colorado, she added.

"Moose can perceive dogs as a threat, and CPW encourages dog owners to keep them on-leash at all times to avoid confrontations," Van Hoose explained in the release. "Cow moose can become particularly aggressive when their calf is nearby."

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