Heartwarming Video Shows Little League Batter Displaying True Sportsmanship

USA, California, little league baseball team (10-11) during baseball match

Photo: Getty Images

A heartwarming moment took place during the first inning of the Little League World Series Southwest Region championship game on Tuesday (August 9).

Oklahoma's Isaiah 'Zay' Jarvis consoled Kaiden Shelton, the opposing pitcher for Texas East, after Shelton's pitch accidentally hit him in the side of the head.

Jarvis initially fell to the ground, but got back up and took first base before walking over to the mound and giving a hug to Shelton, who appeared to be visibly shaken by the accident.

"This is really cool because as a pitcher [he] looks shaken up right now," the broadcaster said during ESPN's live coverage of the game. "And look at Zay Jarvis, this is such great sportsmanship. He wants him to know that it's OK, he'll be fine."

Jarvis can be heard telling the pitcher, "Hey, you're doing just great" during their embrace on the mound.

Several of Shelton's teammates surrounded the two players on the mound before his coach checked on him to make sure he ready to continue pitching.

Texas East went on to win Tuesday's game, 9-4, to qualify for the Little League World Series, which will be held in Williamsport from August 17-28 and include 10 U.S. teams and 10 from the international bracket.

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