Eastern Equine Encephalitis Found For A Second Time In Town Of Palermo

Town of Palermo, N.Y. - Oswego County Health Department says they have found a case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Triple E.

It was detected in a mosquito pool in the town of Palermo. This is the second case of Triple E found in the same location this year. Health officials will carefully monitoring the situation and take the appropriate course of action.

“While the mosquito population is relatively low for this time of year, they are still very active,” said Oswego County Interim Public Health Director Vera Dunsmoor. “It’s important for people to avoid peak mosquito times at dusk and dawn and use insect repellent when participating in outdoor activities. They must also be diligent about reducing mosquito populations around their homes.”

Aedes aegypti

Photo: Getty Images

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