10 Dead in "Racially-Motivated" Buffalo Supermarket Shooting

Ten people are dead, after a shooting at a Buffalo supermarket Saturday afternoon.

Law enforcement officials say 18-year-old Payton Gendron walked into Tops on Jefferson Avenue and opened fire.

2 others are currently in stable condition, while 1 victim has been released from an area hospital.

Police say the store's security guard, a retired Buffalo police officer, exchanged gunfire with Gendron, but the officer's rounds were absorbed by the Gendron's body armor.

The security guard was then shot and killed.

Three other Tops employees are among the dead.

Eleven of the shooting victims are Black, the other two are white.

Authorities call the shooting a racially-motivated attack.

Gendron has pleaded not guilty to 1st-degree murder, and is due back in court Thursday morning.

Gendron will also undergo a psychiatric exam.

Gendron had posted a manifesto online prior to the shooting, and officials confirm he had live-streamed the shooting on social media.

The manifesto contained the "Great Replacement Theory," as well as other right-wing conspiracy theories.

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