Candidate For The 22nd Congressional District, Tim Ko Drops Out of Race

Syracuse, N.Y. - Republican candidate Tim Ko, who garnered conservative support in the race for the new New York Congressional district 22, is suspending his campaign.

Ko entered the race early last October to challenge John Katko who then announced his retirement. In leaving the race Ko says he met with the other two remaining candidates Mike Sigler and Brandon Williams and after those meetings Ko has decided to throw his support behind, Sigler.

In a statement released Ko said "I like Mike. He is a dynamic communicator and very much a people person. He has a strong understanding of policy and a high level of expertise as a legislator. This is something our next representative will need to have if he’s going to avoid the pitfalls in Washington DC.  Most importantly, Mike knows that an ever expanding federal bureaucracy is not the answer, it’s the problem."

Ko is a first generation Korean American who’s father at 15-years-old aided the US Army during the Korean War. He escaped communism and legally immigrated to the United States.

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