Court Adjourned For Day 8 Of Dr. Neulander's Murder Trial, Resumes Thursday

Syracuse, N.Y. - Day 8 of the Robert Neulander murder retrial has adjourned for the day as the prosecution rested.

Dr. Robert Neulander is accused of killing his wife, Leslie, inside the Dewitt Mansion back in 2012.

Forensic DNA consultant Sheila Gentile confirmed that blood found on the lampshade next to the bed and in the shower was that of Leslie's.

Another forensic expert Amy Fairchild, said the DNA profile obtained from evidence found on the bed head board matches that of Leslie's as well.

District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick played for the jury a recording from 2013 of him asking Dr. Neulander questions.

Neulander said that he and his daughter Jenna performed CPR. Neulander said he thought he heard breath sounds while trying to resuscitate his wife. Forensic experts suggested Leslie had been dead for quite some time before they attempted life-saving efforts.

Neulander said in the interview that he and Leslie first talked about a trial separation in their marriage in the fall of 2011. Neulander adds, he never suspected any infidelity.

Court resumes Thursday morning 9 o'clock.

Jury Room

Photo: Getty Images

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